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E3 2006: New PSP Metal Gear Solid
Hideo Kojima's online blog reveals all--er, some....
By Andrew Joy 05/08/2006 18:40:13 PST

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According to GameSpot, Hideo Kojima issued an audio statement in his blog about an upcoming Metal Gear Solid game for the PSP. Unfortunately, for those of you have been desperately longing for one, this game isn’t a proper MGS game, but it also isn’t another installment in the Ac!d franchise either.

The gameplay is a little bit odd, with players controlling a small army of sorts. The soldiers that comprise your army are a lot like the ante in any other game, like a TCG, marbles or even POGS. As you win battles, your army will grow, but when you lose, you also lose control of certain troops and when they die, they are gone forever. Kojima is also said to be trying to make the soldiers as collectible as possible, just like the cards you’d find in the Ac!d games.

The game itself takes place six years after Metal Gear Solid 3, with the main character as Big Boss. Asked to eliminate a rogue army known as Fox, Big Boss forms an elite group (your disposable soldiers) called Fox Hound. The events of the story will serve as a direct tie-in to the series, leading right into Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PS3.

We think this game is the same as the one Kojima hinted at waaaaaay back in December (Metal Gear Solid B.D.), but of course that isn't official at this time.  There was no release date announced, but we’ll keep you posted should any further details arise during E3.

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